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What's Dan Doing Now?

  • The new website is finished. It took about a week to transfer the content from, but it gave me the opportunity to do some much needed housekeeping. I hope you like the new look.

  • The Spring 2017 semester at CCM is in the books. I really enjoyed getting to teach in the new recording studios, and my Music Business class projects turned out well. I'm looking forward to Fall 2017.

  • May is here, so that means the summer gig season is about to heat up. I'm ready!

  • Collaborating with Todd Collins on new instrumental music. We've started making rough demos of the material, and we keep coming up with new ideas. Very exciting!

  • I suddenly got the energy to wrap up my instrumental relaxation project. I'm doing some final tweaks on the mixes, and am hoping to have it released over the summer. I've been working on this project, on and off, for more than five years, so it's a good feeling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Continuing to come up with new ways to inspire my students, and share my knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.

  • Updated 5/20/17

    This page inspired by Derek Sivers

    • Photos in header above by Dan Kamoda, except "Blue Guitar Close-up", by Matthew Krautheim

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