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What's Dan Doing Now?

  • Happy New Year, everyone! 2017 was incredibly busy - I played 106 gigs, which is the most I've played in more than 10 years. In addition to my work with Todd Collins, Paul Marino and Zaire, I was fortunate to play with The Waffle Band, Alice Leon, Bob Pinto, Marc Muller and Acoustic NRG. It looks like 2018 is shaping up as another active year.

  • The Spring 2018 semester at CCM starts on 1/17/17, and I'm on the schedule for Intro to Recording, Intro to Music Business and Music History after 1750. I hope they will all run - right now the numbers look a little light.

  • Winter is usually the time when I like to move forward on recording projects. My ambient project is still dormant, but I'm hoping to finish it this spring. Todd Collins and I recorded a pre-production demo for our album, and I'm really trying to push to get that tracked this winter.

  • In addition, I've been recording vocals for my friend, Clay Walnum. He is recording a blues/rock album of covers, and I've been enjoying singing on that. That project seems to be moving along quickly, so it looks like that might be done by the spring as well.

  • Continuing to come up with new ways to inspire my students, and share my knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.

  • Updated 1/2/18

    This page inspired by Derek Sivers

    • Photos in header above by Dan Kamoda, except "Blue Guitar Close-up", by Matthew Krautheim

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